MayehAggedon Cancelled for 2020. We will miss you.

MayehAggedon Cancelled for 2020. We will miss you.

MayehAggedon Cancelled for 2020. We will miss you.MayehAggedon Cancelled for 2020. We will miss you.MayehAggedon Cancelled for 2020. We will miss you.

Dear Cycling Friends

Creating a cycling adventure and sharing our island community with friends has been a passion for us. However, our growing concern around the COVID-19 pandemic has led us to the sad conclusion that we must cancel Quadra CycloQuest, the MayhemAggedon Edition, scheduled for May 16, 2020.

Be default, we will refund your $75 registration fee, less our fixed costs of $10. You don't need to do anything to receive your refund. We will process all refunds during the week of April 20th.

Alternatively, you can leave your entry fee with the Quadra Island Cycling Coalition to assist in its goal of enhancing cycling opportunities on Quadra Island. You can do so by completing this form before April 17th.

The volunteers and local businesses that support this event wish you and your families a safe passage through these difficult times. 

CycloQuest will return. We’ll keep you posted!

Quadra CycloQuest at a glance...

When is it?

Who's it for?

When is it?

Saturday May 16th, 2020

Save the weekend! 

Arrive on Friday, May 15th and make a long-weekend of the whole event! There are so many people to meet, roads and trails to ride and places to see on Quadra. 

The main event, MayhemAggedon, is on May 16th with a mass start leaving at 9:15am from the Heriot Bay Inn.

What is it?

Who's it for?

When is it?

A CycloQuest Adventure Ride

We'll give you a passport with a list of awesome places to see on Quadra Island. You decide on where and how hard you'd like to ride! 

For some, this may mean imbibing and rolling between bars and coffee shops.

For others, it may be an epic, 160km alley-cat-like-gravel-grind. You decide! 

Last year, not a single person collected ALL of the passport checkpoints. Will you be the person to do it this year?

Who's it for?

Who's it for?

Will there be a party?


We'll have activities for youth of parents who're riding in the main event. We'll also help recommend ride strategies for all ages and abilities. There will be something fun for everyone, as was evidenced by the YUUUGE range of participants last year! 

Oh yeah, no grouches allowed!

Will there be a party?

What bike should I bring?

Will there be a party?


The party will be at our favourite watering hole, the Heriot Bay Inn. We'll have dinner, awards and lots of stories after an epic day of riding together. 

If we're lucky, Jack Mar will MC again! You asked for it!!

Kids are welcome to the party too - we'll have a movie and space for them to play.

What's the cost?

What bike should I bring?

What bike should I bring?

All profits to local cycling

Adult registration includes a mass start, your ride passport as well as dinner afterwards at the HBI for $75.

A full day of events is also planned for our younger riders. $40 gets you a full day of activities and pizza for dinner.

Last year, over $2,000 were raised in help of promoting cycling and our work on trails on Quadra Island!

What bike should I bring?

What bike should I bring?

What bike should I bring?

A gravel capable bike

We recommend a gravel/cross bike, as we've got lots of great gravel roads on the northern half of the island. 

If you plan to stick to paved roads, a road bike will work great too.


Some History

Historically, a group of keen Quadra Islanders have hosted off-island friends on New Year's Eve for an epically brutal sufferfest called the Boar-Hunt, which visited all corners of the island in rain, snow and hail. We loved having our friends join us for this ride, but heard from many that it would be WAY more fun to do something when the weather's better.

Last year, we hosted our first big cycling event in May, hence MAYhem. It was the FIRST EVER CycloQuest and we had 150 riders participate. We wrapped things up with a big dinner at the HBI, where we shared food, beer and many stories. There really was something fun for everyone, from rock climbing with bikes through wine, coffee and pizza tasting at our favourite local establishments! 

Imagine an Alley Cat had a lovechild with a Choose your own Adventure novel. That's what MayHem was last year. Everybody had a map, a passport with checkpoints and a group of friends with whom to 'choose an adventure'. This year, we hope to up the ante with MayhemAggedon!

What this ride's about...

We'll provide each rider with a passport that includes a bunch of destinations. Points will be assigned to each destination and it's up to you to choose just how many you'd like to string together. We'll begin with a mass start at the Heriot Bay Inn on Sunday morning before breaking apart into smaller groups. It's up to you to choose a route and select which destinations you want to hit. Destinations will include epic hills and gravel roads, historical sites, beautiful landscapes and many of our favourite watering holes.

For example, you could make your adventure a tour of local drinking establishments. Or, you could brutally hammer your body on 160km of road and trail trying to unlock each of the destinations. At the end of the day, we'll host a wrap up party and awards and exchange stories over beers at the Heriot Bay Inn.

Space will be limited to 200 riders, so get registered soon. We have childcare available for the day which will include age-appropriate biking related activities for kids too. Checkout the accommodation page to organize where you'll be staying once you've registered. Book soon as it's a super busy weekend here!


Keep Up to Date!

check our ride details and registration pages for more details.