Staying on Quadra Island


Quadra Island is a popular destination so it’s important that you make your accommodation plans early. 

Taku Resort and the Heriot Bay Inn (HBI) have space set aside for us for the Friday and Saturday nights, ranging from deluxe beachfront cabins, rooms and suites to RV and tent sites. There is a minimum two-night stay. Both of these resorts are located in Heriot Bay, which is great since the mass start and dinner and awards will leave from there.

Contact Taku or HBI directly and tell them you are registered for the CycloQuest MAYhem ride. The island has lots of other options too. Here is a list:

Heriot Bay Inn

Casual, fun and authentically Quadra Island, the Heriot Bay Inn is a local favourite. Registration and the mass start will leave from the HBI. 

The Heriot Bay Inn have been long-time supporters of our cycling community on Quadra Island - we think you'll have a great time staying there. They've got a great restaurant and pub too!


To book a room, let Lois and her team at the HBI know that you're registering for CycloQuest MAYhem. We've got rooms, cabins and campsites reserved for riders.


Phone: +1 (250) 285-3322

Learn more about the inn at their website.

Taku Resort

Located in Heriot Bay directly across from Rebecca Spit, this is truly one of the most beautiful spots on Quadra Island. The sunrises are epic.

Taku Resort has been a big supporter of our cycling community on Quadra Island. Accommodations are nestled among beautiful fir trees along the water and range from cabins through suites and campsites.


To book a room, let Lynden and his team at Taku know that you're registering for CycloQuest MAYhem. We've got several rooms reserved and campsites are available as well.


Phone: + 1 (877) 285-8258

Quadra Island Lodge

Our lodge is designed to serve as your "home away from home" with comfortable, affordable rooms and shared kitchen, dining and facilities.


Please visit the lodge's website to check availability. Alternatively, you can touch base via email or phone. 


Phone: +1 (250) 285-2187

Other Options