Event Registration...


We're in the midst of planning the 2020 edition of the Quadra Island CycloQuest!

We don't have our registration forms together yet, but will post a link here when we've worked out the final details. We're planning on the May long weekend again, which this year is from May 16th-18th. We r

Last year, we easily hit our goal of 150 registrants and will likely cap things again. We'll make dinner tickets that will be available to registered riders on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Cost for the event last year were as follows and we'll likely keep the structure similar. 

Ride and Dinner - $75

Youth ride/activities and Pizza Dinner - $40

Additional Adult Dinner -  $35

Additional Youth Dinner - $15


Getting to Quadra Island...

We recommend getting to Quadra on Friday May 17th, as passport/registration passport pickup will be available at the Heriot Bay Inn (HBI) on Friday Evening from 7-9pm, or from 7am-9am on Saturday morning before the start of the ride. 

To get to Quadra, drive to Campbell River and make your way to the ferry terminal. The crossing takes 15 minutes.

Be prepared for longer ferry lineups starting in the afternoon on Friday - it’s a busy, busy weekend on Quadra and we highly recommend carpooling with friends or biking over if you can pack light enough for the weekend. Getting to the ferry lineup early will certainly help - we recommend Thursday evening or Friday morning.

Pre and post-ride activities will be hosted at the Heriot Bay Inn. It would be convenient to stay close to Heriot Bay, so that you can walk/ride to afterparty. Checkout the accommodation page for our suggestions.


Ride Logistics...

The CycloQuest Adventure Passport

What is a CycloQuest? It's something new that we've never tried before. But, we think it'll be a blast. A team of dedicated Quadra Islanders are picking out their favourite island locations including pubs, beaches, lakes, coffee shops and other important landmarks. They'll be assembled with clues and maps in a passport that we'll hand out to all participants on the day of the ride. Each location in the passport will have an associated number of points and a task that should be completed at each spot. You get to pick how many and which destinations you want to link together. Ride in groups or individually. Stop for drinks at bars, our local winery or grind out 160km at a blistering pace.

Two days before the big event, we'll publish clues about the destinations that will be included in the CycloQuest passport. It'll help the keeners in the group strategize a route plan for epic fun. 

Passport Pickup - May 17th, Evening or May 18th at 8am

We will have two options for picking up your passports. Passport pickup will be at the Heriot Bay Inn (HBI).

1. May 17th from 7pm - 9pm. Friday nights are fun at the HBI. Grab a drink or some food at the pub before or after getting your passport.

2. May 18th, starting at 7am.  Registration will close at 9:am so that we're all ready for a 9:15am departure. 

Mass Rolling Start

For the first time ever, we’ll have a mass start lead by our local RCMP detachment. We'll leave the Heriot Bay Inn at 9:15am and ride as one large group down some of the most beautiful roads on the south end of Quadra Island. It'll be a fun way to kick off the day at a nice, relaxed pace. Together. There will be lots and lots of time for riding your brains out later.

Make sure you have a big breakfast beforehand and bring water, some cash to spend at local establishments and snacks. We'll make sure to label your passports with places where you'll be able to get water.

The CycloQuest
Following the mass start, everyone will break up to embark on the adventure of their own choosing. We expect locals with different biking interests to participate - if you'd rather show up and find a group of people with similar interests, that will probably work too! Your passports will include maps and destinations that have been carefully selected by locals to highlight the island. If you feel like hopping from coffee shop to artist studio, to winery to a bar on beautiful, smooth roads, then string together an appropriate adventure. Feel like all-out madness? Then try to collect every  checkpoint in the passport by hammering your brains out on road, gravel and maybe even some singletrack!


Youth Activities...

We want to make this event as inclusive as possible for families. Several local parents are helping coordinate a fantastic day at the Quadra Island Children's Centre and activities will be available to all youth ages 3+. For youth who enjoy riding, there will be several skill-appropriate bicycle rides planned with local guides. The cost for the day, including dinner, will be $40. Please check back here for more information as we approach the weekend of May 17th.

Note - Parents will be responsible for getting children to and from the Children's Centre. Youth are encouraged to attend the post-ride dinner at the HBI. We'll have a room setup with a variety of activities there.

Checkout our Youth Page for more details.


Dinner and Awards...

We're stoked to be hosting a post-ride dinner and awards at one of our favourite local establishments, the Heriot Bay Inn (HBI). They will be preparing a Taco buffet for all event participants. Youth will have pizza. Dinner buffet will be open from 6pm-8pm and awards will follow, with the HBI remaining open for us to party into the evening! We'll have a place for youth to hang out and play games, watch a movie etc...

Additional dinner tickets will be available to event registrants on a first-come, first-serve basis - $35/adult or $15/youth. Make sure to follow the instructions in the registration form over at webscorer.

We anticipate great stories, fun awards and good times at the HBI after the ride. Take pictures and prepare to share some of your adventures with the whole group. If the weather is nice, we've got access to the deck as well as the grounds!



Please get in touch with us via the contact page if you have any questions!

Check back frequently, as we'll add additional details in the coming months. Don't postpone registering as we anticipate selling out quickly!

Ready. Set.