Quadra Island Cycling Coalition

A group of dedicated individuals have been working with local businesses for many years to bring cycling events to Quadra Island. The process has always been collaborative, grass roots and inclusive. We love that.

The spirit has remained the same with this event, with the primary coordinators coming from a tight-knit group of passionate riders and businesses. The steering committee is largely comprised of members of the Quadra Island Cycling Coalition, or QuICC. 

Over time, we'll add more information about the people and principles that guide QuICC and the projects that we're involved with on the island. In the meantime, we have had a lot of interest and a support from businesses that we wanted to start highlighting on this page. By no means is this list exhaustive - it takes an island of people to put on an event like this.

Organising Partners

Naked Bicycles & Design


Sam and Andrea have been building beautiful bicycles on Quadra Island for over 12 years. Their passion for all things cycling is infectious. They're responsible for a lot of the shenanigans that happen on two wheels.

If you aren't naked, get naked here!

Island Cycles


Jack Mar is Island Cycles. His relentless organizing is what makes a lot of what happens on two wheels possible. His passion for education and inclusiveness on two wheels is unparalleled. 

If you need rentals, service or parts, make sure you visit his shop in Heriot Bay.

Study Build


Danielle and Andreas support cycling, trail building, pathways and a number of other initiatives on Quadra. You can learn more about their work here.

Heriot Bay Inn


Lois and her team at the HBI have been friends of the riding community for many, many years!

Stop in at the pub for a burger and drinks or enjoy a fantastic meal at Heron's when on Quadra. Learn more here.

Taku Resort


Lynden McMartin and his team at Taku resort have been supporting our rides and providing accommodations to our guests for years. 

If you want a fun, beautiful place to stay, check out their wonderful cabins and waterfront suites here.

Founding Sponsors

Aroma Coffee Roasters


Helene and Peter of Aroma Coffee Roasters have an incredible talent for hosting biking events in their incredible barn or out on the trails!

If you haven't tried their coffee, you're  missing out! Have a cup at Java Bay or  Aroma Coffee. Or, buy a pound at our local grocery stores.

Tru Value Foods


With two locations on Quadra and a percentage of all spending going to a variety of fantastic, local causes, Tru Value Foods is vital to island life.

Hornby Organic Bars


Although we're an island, we have close ties and share many values with our other Gulf Islands and Discovery Islands communities. 

We're absolutely grateful to have sponsorship and participation from Hornby Organic Bars this year! 



Lara is a wizard when it comes to getting creative content to print in a short amount of time. She's super helpful and we're lucky to work with her on a number of projects including maps!

Checkout her store in Quathiaski Cove!

Tsa Kwa Luten Lodge


Many a cold, New Year's Eve riders have enjoyed a warm cup of coffee at Tsa Kwa Luten Lodge.

They have an incredibly beautiful venue for all kinds of events at the south end of Quadra, overlooking the Salish Sea.

Waypoint Signs


If you need a sign on Quadra, you should certainly give Sarah Boyes a call at Waypoint Signs.

Besides cut-vinyl graphics and lettering, Sarah can help with picture framing and is incredible helpful with design. Sarah is helping source and produce the Waypoint indicators we will be using on the CycloQuest.