Youth Activities

Several local parents are helping coordinate a fantastic day at the Quadra Island Children's Centre. Activities will be available to all registered youth ages 3+. 

For youth who enjoy riding, there will be several skill-appropriate bicycle rides planned with local guides. The cost for the day, including dinner, will be $40. Make sure you register early as spots are limited.

Parent Responsibilities

1. Transporting youth to and from the Children's Centre.

  • Map to Children's Centre from Quathiaski Cove
  • Note - The Children's Centre is located just to the left of the Quadra Island Community Centre parking lot. Turn left as soon as you enter the parking lot and continue down the little side-road until you see the centre.
  • Check-in between 8-830am.
  • Pickup no later than 5:15pm.

2. Basic items to pack for the day

  • Lunch, snacks (portable ones for the ride) and a water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Bike, helmet and appropriate clothing for the weather conditions (see below for more details)
  • Tubes and patch kid for those special sized tires!

Youth are encouraged to attend the post-ride dinner at the HBI as well! Besides a youth menu, we'll also have a room setup for youth activities there. Childcare will not be provided at the dinner/party, but there will be lots of parents and kids playing there.



Youth Cycling Groups


We anticipate organizing youth into roughly the following age/ability groups. A local, experienced rider will travel with each of the groups.

As we approach the ride date, we'll share details including distance anticipated routes etc...

Please reach out to us on the contact form if you're interested in helping volunteer with this part of the day.

3-5 Years

All cycling will take place on or near the Children's Centre grounds. We'll have appropriate mini-races and fun activities on bikes for this age-group.

6-8 Years

The Children's Centre and Community Centre are surrounded by a beautiful network of green-level pathways and trails. This age group will stay on the pathways and trails within this area. We anticipate this adventure ride to last around one hour.

9+ Years and depending on ability

Older youth will ride on the Community Centre trails as well as several woodlot roads towards the south end of the island. We anticipate this ride to last between 1 1/2-2hrs.